22 Social Media Ideas to Use in 2022

What’s the biggest struggle when it comes to social media? (Spoiler: the answer’s not Facebook Ads Manager.) It’s coming up with new ideas! It’s easy to get stuck in the same post recycling schedule. Let’s freshen up your feed with something to help your account perform.
Take a look at these 22 social media ideas to use in your strategy throughout 2022:


1. Origin Story
Where did your brand begin? How did it happen? You can turn your company’s background into a story that inspires. People love this kind of long-form post, especially on LinkedIn.
2. Host an AMA
Reddit is well known for its AMA (Ask Me Anything) series with celebrities. You can use this on your platforms as a way to educate your audience. To break it down, AMA’s are a Q&A session to share your insight and knowledge within your industry on a personal level.
3. Behind the Scenes
Whether it’s a big project or a pizza party over lunch, snap a photo and share it. Showing your company’s culture highlights what your business is all about!
4. Customers
Did a customer just finance their new home through your bank? Or did your business just complete an incredible kitchen remodel? If so, show it off! A simple post brings authenticity to your brand. People love scrolling and seeing something real!
5. Testimonial
Grab a review from Facebook or Google and turn it into a post! When social media users are looking for information about a product, they want to hear from other customers. It makes your brand look trustworthy. This can seal the deal on a purchasing decision as 93% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.
6. Employee Take Over
Hand over the password to an employee at your company. Whether it be through Instagram stories or a TikTok voiceover, employee takeovers are a way for your audience to get to know your team.
7. Run a contest
Let’s be real… people love free things. Running an occasional contest is great for increasing engagement from followers. In fact, a study showed that Instagram accounts that hold contests on a regular basis grow their following 70% faster than those that don’t. It can be asking for user-generated data through a hashtag or a comment on your post. The opportunities are endless with this one. (Just make sure you’re legally covering yourself when it comes to Terms and Conditions.)
8. Show off a New Product
Think about a creative way to share a product photo. Avoid looking like the image came directly from the online store and add some spice to it.


Tula does a great job of showing off their products by making a creative flat lay.




 Instagram and Facebook’s shop feature allows people to buy directly from the photo on the app! 

9. Gratitude
You wouldn’t be where you are without your customers, right? Give them a thank you to show appreciation for their support!
10. Create a Series
A series can be daily, weekly, or even monthly! One solid idea can turn into a recurring series on your platforms. It’s easier to think of a topic to put into a consistent format than starting from scratch each week.
We use our Systemax Marketing Show as a series to dive into current marketing topics and educate our audience.

11. National Holidays
Goofy holidays are gold in social media posts. National Dog Day? Sign us up over here! There are a million different quirky holidays to share with your audience. It adds some fun to your feed and leaves room to ask a question to up your engagement.
12. Infographics
Infographics are the perfect way to get a ton of information to people fast. Infographics draw in your audience with the visual aspect and keep them reading! Their visual appeal also makes them highly shareable.
13. Memes
Don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor when it comes to your brand. It’s fair to say marketing with memes isn’t for everyone. However, memes are the way to go if you’re marketing to millennials and Gen Z.




Memes do have a shelf-life. Keep up with the trends or else you risk looking out of touch!

14. Share a Milestone
It’s our 40th Anniversary here at Systemax, so we’re making sure to celebrate on social! You surely have something momentous worth celebrating, too! Give yourself a pat on the back… and don’t forget to post about it. 😉
15. Fill in the Blank
Fill in the blank posts work because people love sharing what they know or how they feel. It’s a good way to push your audience to engage. All it takes is a graphic and a sentence to get them involved!
16. Repurpose Your Own Content
Do you have a blog post that didn’t get many clicks? Or a memorable video on Facebook from a few months back? Try pulling a significant quote and create a graphic out of it. This could be used on Instagram, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you that didn’t see it before!
17. Employee Spotlight
Whether they’ve been there for 5 days or 50 years, show off your team! Spotlighting the real people behind your business builds a more personal relationship with your audience. We love including fun questions in ours. Family and friends love seeing familiar faces in their feed, which will boost engagement as they like, comment, and share it!
18. Polls
If there’s one thing that’s clear about social media, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Twitter polls or Instagram story sticker polls are a great way to get your audience engaged with your content. You can even ask a general question in the copy of your post. These don’t have to be formal or
sales-y – just make it a conversation.
19. Interview a Guest
Grab a co-worker and get their take on topics within your industry. It’s a way to educate and inform your audience.

Systemax started this virtual interview format for the Marketing Show when COVID first started.
20. Post a Case Study
Show off your success! This is a great way to demonstrate your experience and expertise in your field to your audience.
21. Tutorials
Blogs aren’t the only spot for your audience to learn from you. Show ’em what you know with a tutorial! Social media can be used as a source, too! You can do a how-to video for Facebook or a carousel of steps on Instagram.



Short-form videos are most effective! People don’t have the attention span to watch videos that are minutes upon minutes long. Keep it short and to the point.

22. Celebrate a Win
Did your business recently win an award? Or get featured in a news article? Show it off! Sharing accomplishments increase your credibility with your followers.
Next time you’re at a social media roadblock, turn to this list. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t post just to post. You should be posting with a purpose. Social media works best when it’s more fun than a sales tactic. Keep your audience involved and your engagement is sure to rise in 2022!
Still not sure what to use in your social media plan this year? Let us know and we’re happy to help!

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