AI Marketing: What can we expect?


Many marketing companies have jumped on board the artificial intelligence (AI) train recently. Through AI marketing platforms, marketers are able to gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences. It’s a time-saving option that will change the marketing game for many years to come!
What is AI marketing?
By definition from Brian Solis, a Principal Analyst, “AI marketing combines intelligent tech and human creativity to learn, understand and engage with consumers at the individual level with hyper-personalized, relevant and timely communications, making them feel compelled to remain engaged.”
AI technology makes automated decisions based on data collection, analysis, and additional observations of an audience. These tools use data and customer profiles to learn how to best communicate with customers so specific messages reach them at the right time.
It’s an efficient process that will drive conversions quicker than ever.
What can we expect?
Things are going to get personal – literally. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are becoming more demanding and self-centered in their approach to engagement with brands. They want to be treated as individuals and expect personalized experiences that cater to their specific needs and desires.
Digital marketers have recognized this trend for over a decade now, but there has been little innovation in marketing to better engage consumers in ways that they expect and prefer. However, with the advent of AI and data-driven marketing, businesses are finally able to shift from automation to personalization and eventually anticipation and prediction of their consumer’s behavior.
With the help of AI and data, brands can now gather valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategies to create new and exceptional experiences for their customers. This means that businesses can ensure customers feel understood and catered to. This will lead to greater loyalty and trust.
How is marketing going to look different?
Things people will never say:
  • “I love seeing generic branded marketing messages!”
  • “Mass emails and texts from brands are the BEST!”
  • “My favorite content comes from marketers!”
Most marketers are guilty of talking AT people instead of understanding who they are, what they value, and how they make decisions. This is because of the process turning into a guessing game.
AI takes the guesswork out of the equation. Markets will be able to understand customers in ways that weren’t possible before. This will allow for consumers to be reached with relevant messages personally, at the right time in the buyer’s journey, making them more compelled to engage.
This will also create a new mindset. Instead of reaching as many people as possible, the focus will be on growth and engagement.
Now what?
Those marketers who aren’t jumping on AI are going to get left behind.
According to Gartner, the majority of those surveyed use AI solutions in their marketing strategy or are planning to. Only 13% of people do not see a use for it in the next three years.
No matter the size of your marketing team, AI marketing tools, and machine learning programs are effective. They can help increase productivity, ROI, and efficiency. No more trying to find time to deal with mountains of data!
You don’t have to jump into AI all at once. Something as little as writing a Facebook ad can keep you in the loop.
Need a hand with your copywriting? Or not sure how to implement this into your strategy? We’re here to help!