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Meet Rex

Sorry, let me restart. Typing with short arms isn’t easy.
I’m Rex, the pride and joy of Systemax. I’ve noticed these people love dogs, but deep down I know that I’m their #1. You can find myself and my other origami animal friends all around the office. Some call us décor, I call us part of the family.


A little about me…
  • I’m the fly on the wall at Systemax. No really, I’m mounted on the wall. After a long journey from Germany, I found my home here in Springfield.
  • My family is extinct, but I’ve been able to cope with taking on marketing as a passion. Now, I work hard to help the team educate clients on what’s best for their brand!
  • I’m a big fan of winter because summer is way too humid. Some don’t enjoy humidity because it ruins their hair. I struggle with it because I’m literally made of paper.
  • The Jurassic Park movies? Terrible. Very inaccurate representation of my breed.
What does a dinosaur have to do with marketing?
The real question is… what doesn’t a dinosaur have to do with marketing.
Since I’m always around, I’ve learned a LOT about marketing. Not saying that I’m a know it all, but I do know it all. I’ve been around for a hot minute. 😉
You’ll see me pop in and out of these blogs to help summarize what our team is talking about. I’ll let you know about what trending or provide a Rex-planation to dive deep into topics. (See what I did there?)
I’m excited to get this blog rolling… it’s about time I got the spotlight on me!
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