Succeed with Social Media Marketing: Best Practices for Businesses in 2023

In today’s culture, social media has become a primary source of entertainment and information for many individuals. Whether scrolling through endless feeds or participating in viral challenges, people are constantly connected to their phones and social media platforms. As a result, businesses have recognized the importance of utilizing social media as a marketing tool and have integrated it into their overall marketing strategies. To succeed in social media marketing in 2023, businesses must follow certain best practices.

Best Practices for Social Media 2023


Prioritize authentic content: Consumers prefer genuine, unfiltered content over overly polished and stylized posts. Brands should strive to deliver on their promises, stay true to their values, and cater to the needs of their customers.

Research your target audience: Understanding the characteristics and preferences of your ideal customers is essential for developing an effective social media marketing strategy. Businesses can gain valuable insights to inform their content creation and targeting efforts by analyzing current followers and comparing them to an ideal customer description.Focus on preferred networks: Build a presence on the social media channels that your target audience prefers. Different demographics have different platform preferences, and businesses can allocate their resources more efficiently by determining their preferred platforms. Adapt and reach wider audiences by staying updated on emerging platforms.

Put your audience first: Instead of making your brand the hero, address your audience’s pain points and challenges. Listen to their thoughts and experiences related to your brand and industry and provide meaningful solutions.

Optimize posting times: Analyzing social media data can help identify the most effective times to post on each platform to increase engagement. By strategically timing their posts, businesses can increase the likelihood of their target audience seeing and interacting with their content.

Maintain regular posting: Consistency is critical in social media marketing. Businesses should maintain regular posting schedules, ensuring they reach their audience and avoid overwhelming them. Reviewing the best practices for each platform to determine the ideal frequency of daily posts is crucial.

Reduce response time: Consumers expect timely responses from brands. Businesses should aim to shorten their response times, utilize chatbots for 24/7 coverage, and simplify their processes to eliminate customer friction.

Improve customer care: Strong customer care practices are essential. Using separate handles for customer care and leveraging social customer service tools allows businesses to engage effectively with their customers. Build trust, loyalty, and positive brand associations by providing excellent customer care.

Create engaging content: Short-form videos, images, and live videos have proven effective in driving engagement. Repurposing videos into other formats and planning for consistent video production can further enhance engagement levels.

Invest in video production: Elevate the quality of content produced by allocating resources, potentially growing the team, or outsourcing video production needs. Developing a solid video plan and securing the necessary budget and buy-in can ensure the creation of impactful and engaging videos.

Highlight your offerings in action: Demonstrate value and empower target consumers to overcome challenges by highlighting offerings in action. Build customer trust by showcasing real-world examples of a product or service through social proof.

Utilize real testimonials and demos: Feature authentic testimonials and product demonstrations from real customers in your social content. By highlighting real customer experiences, businesses can build credibility and encourage potential customers to convert.

Get personal with your content: Infusing content with personality is another way to forge emotional connections with followers. Stand out and build a loyal following by highlighting the brand’s personality and communicating in a relatable and personable style.


Don’t be boring! It’s called “social” media for a reason. Show your brand personality as much as you can through image, text and video. Are you funny? Are you super knowledgeable? Show it off!

Partner with creators: Collaborate with content creators who align with your brand to inspire communities and reach new audiences. Allocating a portion of the social media budget to working with creators can result in highly engaging and shareable content.

Tap into employee advocacy: Encouraging employees to share information about the brand online and launching an employee advocacy program can amplify content and engage the audience. Employees can act as authentic brand ambassadors, showcasing their enthusiasm and belief in the brand.

Experiment with emerging tech: Integrate artificial intelligence tools into your workflow to increase productivity and efficiency. Research the potential of AI in marketing and experiment with emerging technologies to have a competitive edge.

Test new platforms: Stay open to exploring new social media platforms. By exploring and adopting new platforms, businesses can expand their reach and tap into untapped audiences.

By following these best practices, businesses can capture their audience’s attention, drive engagement, and increase sales through social media marketing.

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