Social Media Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in 2022



With every best practice of social media comes a major no-no! Take a look at this list of social media mistakes you should avoid in your brand’s strategy:
1. Uploading Videos to Instagram with TikTok Watermarks
Although Reels and TikToks are synonymous in the sense that they’re short-form videos, they have to be treated differently. We’re all about repurposing content, but there needs to be a different approach taken when it comes to cross-posting on social.
Meta knows all, and that includes recognizing a recycled video from TikTok. Instagram will deprioritize videos that are clearly from TikTok. This has been confirmed by a network spokesperson.
How can you tell a video’s being reused? The TikTok watermarks.
Here’s how to get around this: record content outside of any app and then upload it within each platform to customize. The quality of your content will be maintained and the good ‘ole Instagram algorithm won’t hate you.
2. Buying Followers
You might think that having a higher follower count will give you more street cred on social. Buying followers is pretty easy, after all! Here’s the catch: it’s not worth it.
If buying followers worked, everyone would be doing it. You think that you’re getting something of value when in reality, it’s bringing your account down.
While your follower count is increasing, those followers will not help you in the long run. They’re bots accounts that don’t engage or share your posts. This will make it nearly impossible to know what social strategies are actually working for you.
The best way to grow is to do it yourself. You’ll find what your audience likes and will get real feedback.
3. Being Too Promotional
The biggest misconception about social media is that it’s a place to make sales. In reality, it’s where you should show authenticity and spread brand awareness. You can learn more about the marketing funnel and where promotion falls here.
If you are only promoting your products and services, it’s going to be hard to develop a lasting relationship with your followers. Focus on showing off your brand’s personality through authentic posts.
The more real you are, the better you’ll do on social.
4. Not Engaging with Your Community
What’s the first step to building a loyal audience? Interacting with your followers!
In order to be successful on social, you have to make meaningful connections. Not only does this help your analytics, but it also builds a relationship with your customers. Be reactive by answering comments and DMs. You can also be proactive by seeking out who is already talking about you on social media and engaging with them.
Respond to everything, even negative comments. There’s bound to be a frustrated follower at some point. You might be tempted to delete the comment to protect your brand’s image. However, a good reply is the better alternative. Responding to negative comments shows your audiences that you can have hard conversations.
You won’t gain loyalty from sharing promotional content, you’ll earn it from genuine interactions!
5. Being on EVERY Platform
One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that you have to be on EVERY platform. Let me take a weight off your shoulders: that’s not true.
Being on every platform is going to lead to mediocre content, dormant accounts, and worst of all… disengaged customers.
See where your audience is hanging out at. Are you trying to reach a younger crowd on TikTok? Or maybe your target audience is on Facebook? Pick a platform and build a strategy around it. Having your focus on a single platform will give your more time to create and deliver quality content.
Not sure where your demographic is? That’s what we’re here for!
Have any questions about the do’s and do not’s of social media? Head over to our socials and let us know!

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