Tips to Help Break Your Creative Block


Have you ever been at the start or even middle of a project and felt like you have no ideas? Or do you feel that all the ideas you have just aren’t working? That is something creatives like to call creative block. Creative block can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. 
If this has ever happened to you, no need to stress it happens to everyone, especially me. (: 
Since I am a frequent victim of the creative block, I have put together a small list of things that have helped me break the block before. 
Take a Break
I have found that taking a break from whatever you are working on has been the most helpful for me. Being able to separate yourself from whatever you are working on allows your mind to reset and not overthink. Taking a break can be anything like taking a walk, doing your dishes, watching a video, working on something else, or really anything to just create some distance from your workspace. 
Even though you are not working directly on your project, your subconscious could be thinking of new ideas and getting inspired by what you have interacted with during your break. This has happened to me countless times. I will be driving in my car listening to music and a random idea will just pop into my head. It’s crazy what can happen when you allow yourself some time away from a project. 
Sketch/Take Notes
I have also found that sketching and taking random notes is also helpful when you have a creative block. When I find myself just staring at a blank page or document on my screen straining to figure out how to start or find ideas, I just start writing or sketching. This can be anything that comes to mind whether it pertains to the project or not. Just letting your brain run free creatively can help find an idea to break the block.
Whatever comes to your mind, write it down or sketch it no matter how silly it is. You never know where a messy sketch can lead to.
Explore Creative Examples
Another effective way I have broken the creative block is by exploring other creative examples. This can help you get inspired by seeing what people have previously done on projects and also see what styles are trending. You can really look anywhere on the internet but some that I recommend are Behance, Pinterest, Instagram (or any social media), and even magazines. 
Brainstorm With A Group
I have successfully broken out of the creative block many times by just brainstorming with other creatives.  Brainstorming can allow more minds to come together to provide a new perspective for the project and fresh ideas. Being able to talk about your ideas openly to other creatives can allow many ideas to build off of each other and hopefully end with a plan of action for the project. 
You can also brainstorm with other non-creatives as well. I find speaking with people outside of your field very helpful as well because you get an outsider’s perspective. They also might be the people that will interact with what you are creating so it’s interesting to understand how they see things. 
I hope you find these 4 tips helpful for the next time you seem to be in a creative block (there’s unfortunately always a next time). And just remember, it happens to everyone so don’t panic it’s only temporary. (:


Author Info

Hi there! My name is Sidney Meyers and I am one of the Graphic Designers here at Systemax. I am responsible for creating artwork, anywhere from logos to social media graphics, to fulfill the needs and goals of a variety of different clients. Outside of work, you can most likely find me hanging out with friends, planning my next weekend adventure, or creating projects on my Cricut!