There CAN Be Enough Hours in the Day with Marketing Automation


A day in the life of a marketer is a juggling act. From meetings to monitoring to scheduling, its safe to say that marketers are fully booked during the workday. While each task of marketing managers is important, they also are time suckers.
Good news: marketing automation can help! Repetitive tasks can be automated and you’ll have the freedom to move your focus to more in-depth tasks.
What can marketing automation do to save precious time during the day? Let’s talk about it!
What tasks can marketing automation take off your plate?


1. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is the process of assigning leads a score to set apart more qualified leads from low-fit prospects. As you probably already know, doing this manually is a time-consuming process.
With marketing automation, you’ll be able to place a value on a potential client by scoring each interaction the lead has with your company.
Setting up workflows within your marketing automation software will shorten the lead lifecycle and save you time. You can also set up automated “rules” that will tag leads based on how they interact with your marketing channels.

2. Lead Nurturing

Once you have those leads, ya gotta care of ’em! It’s time to dive into converting them into customers. Taking care of these leads takes up a lot of hours, especially if you’re dealing with hundreds of them.
With marketing automation, you can send emails to leads whenever they perform a specific action. You’ll be able to deliver targeted messages to leads based on their lead score, how they interact with your webpage, or where they’re at in the marketing funnel.
The right message will hit your prospect at just the right time! No more missed opportunities due to you being preoccupied with other responsibilities.

3. Campaign Promo

As a marketer, your job is to focus on brand awareness through social media, content creation, and campaigns. All of these have a LOT of moving parts to manage.
When things start to get busy, social media tends to be the first to fall through the cracks. When you’re able to prioritize social media, you can grow your audiences and post at times that will maximize engagement.
With each platform having different peak times to post, it can be difficult to keep up – especially if there are other things on your plate. (We know there are!)
Automating social media is critical. You won’t miss out on prime posting times and you’ll save time with your social media strategy. With marketing automation tools, you can schedule out posts ahead of time. Some platforms even allow you to integrate with the channels themselves!
Don’t forget, your social campaigns are just as important.


4. Collaboration

Collaboration between your sales and marketing team is critical for success. However, meetings between both teams take up precious time during the day. From preparing an agenda to having a meeting itself, there are ways to automate this communication.
With marketing automation, access to all of your customer data can be right at the fingertips of your entire team. You’ll be able to see customer interactions and keep them in line to focus on priority leads.
Bottom line: the hours saved by marketing automation are more than you’d expect. Marketing has many aspects that could be automated to save time. Time is valuable – make sure you’re making the most of it during your work day!
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